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A New Way to Invest in Israeli Tech Success

The news that Israel and the NYSE are trying to build a stock exchange for Israeli tech companies is a reminder of how dynamic the growth is in the Israeli tech sector and how hungry the sector is for new capital and new investors. To learn more about how Israel Investment Advisors invests in profitable Israeli tech firms, read our past newsletters on the topic (“Intel Acquires Mobileye” and “Israel and the ‘Bandwidth Economy'”), or visit our Background page.

Investing in Israel: Education is the key

“Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank HaPoalim, Yair Seroussi, highlights the positive growth in Israel’s economy despite a tumultuous global economy. Israel has indeed demonstrated marked economic growth thanks to economic and structural reforms. As Mr. Seroussi indicates, Israel will need to maintain its focus on innovation in order to attain even greater economic success, we at Israel Investment Advisors believe that in addition to innovation, Israel will benefit from direct foreign investment in their public markets.”…READ MORE

Egypt Found Themselves Some Oil

“Israeli gas stocks reacted negatively to the recent news of Egypt’s giant offshore natural gas find. We at Israel Investment Advisors are not sure this is a negative over the long run. In addition to validating the case for multi-billion dollar energy investments in the Eastern Mediterranean, perhaps Eni corporation’s discovery of the Zohr oil field may serve to ease Israeli regulators’ fears of a monopoly.”…READ MORE

Analysis: Israel’s Lesson to Greece

“Israel of 30 years ago was economically quite similar to Greece of today. The difference is that Israel chose a better path to resolve their circumstances. This article compares the two countries interestingly highlighting both the similarities and discrepancies.

It will be interesting to watch Greece over the coming months and years to see if the country itself or its European partners will be able to facilitate reforms that could potentially lead the country to growth and prosperity.”…READ MORE

How Startup Nation’s Innovation Catalyst Masters The Art Of Public-Private Partnership (

“Imagine you had a machine where you put in a dollar and five dollars come out, sometimes ten,” says Avi Hasson. “We have that machine and it’s called the Office of the Chief Scientist.”

Though the linked article is a bit long it is very much worth the read. Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist is tasked with maintaining “Israel’s position in an increasingly competitive global innovation marketplace and inject innovation into all sectors of the Israeli economy.” The OCS, led by Avi Hasson, is proud that “Israel invests more in R&D than any other country worldwide as a percentage of GDP. The government’s share of that investment is the lowest in all OECD countries, amounting to 5% of total business R&D investment.”…READ MORE

It’s kosher: Israel embraces Chinese investment (EJInsight)

It may not be true that China is eating more cheese these days, but if nothing else, its corporate hunger for Israel’s dairy companies is proof mainland investors want more of them…READ MORE

Mylan $23 Million Chairman Shows Looming Teva Culture Clash (Bloomberg)

Mylan NV Executive Chairman Robert Coury made $22.7 million, including $1 million for his personal use of the drugmaker’s two corporate jets, in 2012 and 2013…READ MORE

Israel’s stock market is walloping its

neighbors (CNBC)

Despite the geopolitical turmoil in the rest of the Middle East, Israel‘s stock market has been a stellar outperformer…READ MORE

Teva Is on the Prowl and Its Stock

Investors Are Taking

Notice (Bloomberg)

Executives at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the world’s biggest generic drugmaker, keep dropping hints that they’re ready to make a large acquisition…READ MORE

Israeli Stocks Attractive Now That

Election Is Finally Over (TheStreet)

Investors in Israeli stocks are bullish after the country’s election because the nature of the new coalition is in favor of reform, said Brian Friedman, President of Israel Investment Advisors…READ MORE