Our Background


Israel is frequently mentioned in the press with reference to conflict and regional tensions.  While conflict is part of everyday reality in Israel, there exists another, perhaps more significant reality—remarkable economic growth built upon a shift away from socialism over the past 20 years. Similar to many Eastern European countries, Israel started moving away from…

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Our Process


At Israel Investment Advisors, LLC investment decisions are based upon an assessment of a company’s investment value as determined by an analysis of the business and financial fundamentals of both the company and the broader sector in which it operates. We seek to capitalize on significant differences between the current market price of a company’s…

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Our People


GHP Investment Advisors, Inc. is the managing member of Israel Investment Advisors, LLC. GHP Investment Advisors is an SEC-registered investment advisor operating in two segments: Personal Wealth Management and GHP Global Markets toward the wealth management needs of individuals and families. GHP Global Markets offers…

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